🛠️ Build and 📈 grow your sideproject to profit

You don't need any 💸 VC money to build a successful product

by raunometsa

Share product updates

Keep your users and followers updated on your product development progress.

Follow makers

Follow other makers to see how they are doing.

Build your image

You are the biggest product. Productize yourself.

Send newsletters 📬

Send newsletters and frow activity.


Have a clear overview of your subscribers.


Chat with the community.

Share your roadmap

Show your future plans.

Write blog

Write about the journey.

$9/m and you can cancel at any time. Why isn't this product free? I'm an indie maker bootstrapping this product alone without any 💸 VC money, so I obviously can't do this for free. If you're a maker, you should also ask money for your product.