How To Host, Secure, and Deliver Static Websites on Amazon Web Services
Stop getting lost in the documentation and actually learn Amazon Web Services by using it.
Kyle Galbraith
Kyle Galbraith @kylegalbraith · 8 months
Preparing a Kindle version that will hopefully go up on Amazon this weekend.
Rauno Metsa 8 months
I'm a big Kindle fan! Is it hard prepping for Kindle or mostly automatic?
Kyle Galbraith 7 months
It is mostly automatic, however, since I didn't write my book in a streamlined tool like Scrivener it is a bit more manual than I would like. It is going through the publishing process now, exciting!
Kyle Galbraith 7 months
@rauno any idea as to why this page is using @learn-by-doing-weekly-newsletter instead of the ebook name? Can we fix it?