Did you know there are people who have built successful online startups so they don’t have to go to a corporate 9-to-5 job?

These startups are usually made by solo founders who build everything on their own. Occasionally they hire some contractors for small tasks.

They have automated most of the processes, so they don’t need to put too much time into maintaining their startups.

These indie makers inspired me to start building my own startup – RemoteHub. It’s still in it’s early stages and my current monthly revenue of $2,500 isn’t close to the startups I got my inspiration from, but it’s growing every day.

While I probably knew that it’s possible to build profitable online startups without funding, it didn’t enter my conscious mind that I could do it – it was only after I saw others building their startups when I started thinking aboyt my own.

With MakeHub, I want to spread the word about indie maker lifestyle. Bootstrap your own small startup to profitability and live life on your own terms.

MakeHub lists indie startups built without funding by solo founders. A lot of them are generating income, and are growing fast.