What is MakeHub?

MakeHub lists internet startups built by indie makers.

Who are indie makers?

Did you know there are developers who build online startups so they don’t have to go to a corporate 9-to-5 job?

They are doing everything by themselves, including developing, marketing and supporting their products. They are also automating most of their processes, leaving more time for creating something new.

Which products MakeHub lists?

  • 💸 Built without VC funding. This doesn't mean that no money has been spent. Founder obviously needs to cover some initial expenses like domain and server. But the idea is that the startup is bootstrapped without any significant outside funding.
  • 🤓 Built by a solo founder (or a few). It doesn't have to be exactly one person. Can be also 3 persons. But I'm not looking for startups built by large teams (but these are usually funded by VC's anyways).
  • 💳 Good if you know the monthly revenue. But this is not a must. While many indie makers share their revenue, and this can be really motivating for others, it's still interesting to list startups without knowing the revenue numbers.