Privacy-friendly web analytics

I hear people talking about privacy. How big corporations follow our every step on the web to sell us the next product.

Some of my friends say they hate it. “I’ve being used for their profit.” Others say they don’t care as it let’s them use products like Google Analytics for free.

I see many makers building privacy-friendly products, like these web analytics tools.

Simple Analytics

Simple alternative to Google Analytics that doesn’t use cookies or collect any personal data. This means no cookie banners!

Simple Analytics

Simple, clean, and friendly analytics

You get only the important stuff like page views, referrers, top pages, and screen sizes.

It’s $19/mo for < 100k pageviews and $59/mo per < 1M pageviews.


Also a lightweight web analytics that doesn’t use cookies and shows you only the essentials, without having to go through layers of menus and custom reports. It’s also open-source! This means that you can download and self-host Plausible for free.


Simple and privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics

Using the hosted cloud version starts from $6 / mo for < 10k pageviews (which is far more reasonable than Simple Analytics I feel).

<100k views is $12/mo and <1M is $48/mo.


This is more than just a simple web analytics. There are also heatmaps, session playbacks and more. It doesn’t have a SaaS version, so you can buy it for $99 (for personal use) or $399 (for business use) and self-host it on your server. You’ll also receive free updates, forever.


Self-hosted Analytics & Behavior Analysis

I often feel that there are so many SaaS products with monthly billing. This can get very expensive fast. $20 here and $30 there and you’re already paying $500/mo soon for some web products. I love that you can buy it for a one-time price.

Privacy, but also simplicity

Yes, privacy is a popular thing now and people value it more than ever. But these indie web analytics tools are also about simplicity. Google Analytics is just so huge. There’s too much stuff you don’t need.

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