Why did I create MakeHub?

I like when people create useful things on the Internet. And I love when they earn money in the process. In fact, I think earning money is super important as it allows them to continue working on products they find useful and interesting.

MakeHub lists profitable internet products made by solo founders to inspire you to start working on your own microstartup.

But there’s Product Hunt!

Yes, and I think Product Hunt is great. This is where I got my initial spark to start building my own things on the web.

But it’s too big! Product Hunt lists all kinds of products – VC funded and bootstrapped, small and big teams, huge products and small marketing pages. And here I’m interested only in indie makers – individuals who bootstrap products to profitability without funding.

There are a lot of indie makers launching new side projects on Product Hunt almost every day, but these are often just some fun products not meant to make money (built just for fun or to get some attention for the maker, helping to promote their other products).

So these are not products that make money, or even plan to make money sometime in the future. And here I’m interested in learning more about indie products that are making money for the maker, or at least are planning to.

Cool, but there’s Indie Hackers! You’ve heard of Indie Hackers?

Of course I have! And it’s exactly about startups built by solo founders with the emphasis on making money!

Indie Hackers even has a products page with useful filters, but I feel their emphasis is more on the community – sharing milestones (“I got x Product Hunt upvotes” or “I’m 17 yo and made $1k on the launch day”) or discussing ideas (“what front end framework you love”).

Which is fine! But I’m interested in something much more simple – just to learn about interesting indie startups.

And this is why I built MakeHub

It’s very simple right now. I’m showing you some interesting indie products every day on the frontpage.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about MakeHub, so please email me at rauno@raumet.com and introduce yourself.

Hi, I'm Rauno Metsa - a solo founder bootstrapping micro-startups. You can learn more about me on my website or follow my work on Twitter.